Name a successful, multimillion-dollar company that doesn’t have a mobile app. You probably can’t, right? Most people don’t need much convincing to see that apps can be useful — for others.


Yet, when it comes to creating their own app, many brands are reluctant. They worry that nobody will download it or that it won’t bring any results. Sound familiar? Here are five reasons you should reconsider.

1.   Boost brand awareness

When a customer downloads your app, they present you with a unique opportunity to build an intimate relationship with them. You can send them notifications and reminders, ensuring they’re always in the loop with your products and services and that they never forget who you are.


This is an incomparable tool for brand recognition and user retention ensuring you’re always at the top of your customers’ minds.


You may also be able to grow your brand awareness through app store discovery or people noticing your app on the phones of their friends and family.

2.   Embrace technological innovation

If you want your customers to recognize you company as being innovative embracing technology, actions speak larger than words. Don’t just bang on about how much you “embrace innovation” — prove it by showing you’ve developed.


Naturally, this is more important for some sectors than others. There’s more expectation for an eCommerce site to have an app than a construction company, for instance. But just because your competitors haven’t hopped onto the trend, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Don’t shy away from being an industry leader!

3.   Scale your business to the max

If you’re an ambitious business owner, marketer, or executive, growth and scalability are no doubt at the top of your priorities list.


Done right, an app should increase customer satisfaction and attract another audience that your site might have not attracted before. This all helps to scale your growth.


Depending on your business, why not offer some kind of in-app referral incentives to further increase growth?

4.   Build authority

When prospects come across your company or your website for the first time, they look for social proof. People love to see what other people are doing and follow the hype.


An app gives you the chance to demonstrate your authority. It doesn’t just show that your business is established enough to have its own app, but also offers concrete figures about your reach. After going to the app store, leads can see how many downloads your app has and read reviews.


You can even send automated reminders to app users that prompt them to leave reviews, helping you to increase your authority further.

5.   Increase your revenue

Isn’t the end goal of everything you do for your business to make money? Sure, you might want to change the world along the way, but you can’t do that if you go bankrupt first.


Beyond the points mentioned above, apps can help you to increase your revenue because they provide consumers with a convenient way to communicate and access your business. Over the holidays, consumers make 108% more purchases on apps than on websites.


Why? People often use apps when they’re on the move or waiting — such as during the commute or awaiting an appointment — and they more than likely already have payment methods linked to their phone through Apple or Google Pay.

Let’s build your dream app together

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